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Best payment gateway for affiliates

Have you recently came to know about affiliate marketing, and now you are looking for a good payment gateway for your first product, but not clear which one to choose from a number of available options?

Do not worry, this is one of the issues most newbie's face, but after going through this blog, you will be able to make the right decision for yourself. 

Here are a few of the factors that you must consider before finalizing the payment gateway for your product site. 

The first thing to be considered is the country from where you be running your business or you can say the place where you have registered your business identity. The reason why I am emphasizing the country is the different rules and regulations that will be applicable to you. There are few countries that do not allow payments from overseas or some times amount of tax is very high. 

So what we'll suggest here is, register your company in a country which is having better taxes structure and ease of doing business is really on a good level. 

The second important point is your expected income. Now different companies have different commission slabs. so that means you have to select the company whose commission or pricing suits your revenue volume. 

Here is the list of top payment gateways in the world: 

1. Paypal payment gateway.
2. Stripe payment gateway. 
3. Alipay Global
5. World Pay
6. 2Checkout
7. Securion Pay
8. Amazon Pay
9. Braintree
10. Bitpay


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